Masterly Milano Award 2023

Masterly Milano Award 2023

Designed by Sodalime (material: dichroic).
Jury: Mark Timo, Christine Boland and Nicole Uniquole

‘And the winner is Studio Vocum! Ceramic artist Pierluigi Pompei and acoustician Adam Foxwell. Their collaboration began with a shared vision and intensive research to connect form, sound, and colour that became the Vocum series. Vocum is both a design object and a high-fidelity loudspeaker crafted in custom-glazed porcelain and stoneware.

According to Foxwell, ceramics have unique material advantages in providing uncompromised sonic clarity. Pompei hand sculpts ceramic shapes that imitate wind instruments’ musical projection and overlays a signature colour composition. Colour expresses the sonorous quality of musical tones he experiences as a synaesthete – he “sees” music as colour when listening.’

The award was handed out to the winner during the network cocktail of De Interieur Club.